Getting Nude

quoteThe Nude palette is now well established, going from a soft pink blush to apricot cosmetic tones, and smooth eggshell to a luxurious taupe.  We’ve seen a super feminine look come down the catwalks, nude tones working with neons,  and now a more structured look or slouchy and layered, with a definite edge.  It’s a fashion trend that has transitioned perfectly to interiors and home products.  Nude tones can soften the hard edges of a space and they exude a sophisticated tranquility, creating a soothing visual flow.  Be inspired by the Queen of Taupe, Interior Designer Kelly Hoppen.

kelly hoppenI particularly love the dreamlike delicacy of the Gastrologik restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden.


 Gastrologik by Jonas Lindvall

This project features within our A/W 2013/14 trend, The Vision, which sees cosmetic and blush tones playing with the season’s new diffused pastels, as well as nude metallics and iridescents which create a new gorgeously elegant shimmer.

You can purchase The Vision trend board in our shop here or email Phil for full details of all the season’s key trends in our A/W 2013/14 trend report.

Other Designers working this trend (all shown below) include Phil Cuttance and Lorna Syson, both presenting faceted, origami-like structures in hushed nude tones.  I also love the simplicity of Frederik Roijé’s candle holders, and the lustrous sensuality of the Chignon chair by Koket.


Clockwise from top left: Blumarine S/S 2013 collection; Faceture Vases by Phil Cuttance; Decanterlamp in white by Lee Broom; Wall of Flame candle holders by Frederik Roijé; MAC nail lacquer; Chignon chair by Koket; Plymouth Touch Task lamp in taupe from John Lewis; Notebooks from One Kings Lane: Utensil jar in nutmeg by Le Creuset from John LewisValentino S/S 2013 collection; The Ritz sofa by Studio Bertjan Pot; Maze bowl in taupe by Gordon Ramsay in collaboration with Royal Doulton from OCCA Home;  Linear Fold cushion in cream by Lorna Syson

The lovely people at John Lewis asked us to review the Plymouth Touch Task lamp (shown in the montage above); the sample arrived in the UK studio today, here’s what Zak and Victoria thought:

js1024_ZakZak: “This delightfully nude-coloured lamp from John Lewis has real attention to detail – from the perfectly smooth painted glossy nude shade & base, to the twisted cable. I also like that there is no noticeable button on the lamp we were sent – it is ‘touch control’ so you simply touch the product and mysteriously the light comes on with a 3-stage dimmer function.  It’s stylish enough to work in any room in the Home or in an Office – it certainly looked good on my desk in the studio!”

VR head2Miss V: “I like this classic yet pared-down modern lamp.   It’s a touch bigger than I expected it to be from the online picture, which was a bonus, and the brass components & angle adjusters are weighty & sturdy so it feels like a quality product that was made to last. As you know, I’m a stickler for getting the details right and so, like Zak, I really like that John Lewis had decided to go with an old school braided flex – it’s a nice retro feature, and of course making a design feature of cables on lighting is currently a strong trend in Interior Design.”





A John Lewis sponsored posting

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Pattern trends for Autumn / Winter 2012/13 – Kleenex

At the end of last year we were given permission by Kleenex (one of our clients) to share their new season packaging designs with you (If you didn’t catch it you can read the post here).  And I’m happy to say they’ve allowed us to do the same again this season.  We’re delighted to continue to provide the European Kleenex team with Trend Forecasting reports and presentations which help them to develop box and pocket pack designs that will compliment décor and fashion trends.

I want to start by showing you a fab new design on their Pocket Packs of tissues to tuck in your handbag.  The Kleenex team were fascinated to hear about Yarn Bombing and the renaissance of knitting and crochet as a hobby.  So they’re launching a fab Granny Square patterned Pocket Pack at the end of this month and I think fans of knitting and fashion are going to love them.  Here’s how to introduce the look into your home as well as your wardrobe:

Above: Get hooked on the crochet & knitting trend we’ve seen on the catwalks from the likes of House of Holland by introducing some fab ‘Snurk Granny Bed Linen‘ and cushions from Heal’s.  Add knitted ‘Uplifted Lampshades’ by Deryn Relph for a burst of colour and for a snuggly cup of tea in bed get a ‘Knit Pattern Mug’ from MochiThings (it comes with a cover that you can use as a coaster or cookie tray).  As you head out for the day don’t forget to pop a Granny Squares Pocket Pack of tissues in your handbag and you’re good to go!

Next I’d like to show you 1 of the new patterned tissue cubes which takes its inspiration from lace:

Above: I really like the icy pastels and creams in these room schemes by Jeffers Design Group, used in conjunction with nude tones to stop the spaces from looking overly cold and soulless.  A wonderfully calm, soothing atmosphere has been achieved and I long to sprawl out on the daybed with a nice cup of tea and one of my favourite photography books.  Add dusty amethyst and a Wedgwood blue into the scheme (as I have in the right hand palette) and a greater depth, maturity and luxuriousness is created.  Kleenex have used these colours for their new oversized lace-inspired tissue cube design and I think it looks very chic sitting on the coffee table!

Now for a highly patterned tissue box design based on one of our Autumn/Winter 2012/13 forecasts entitled ‘Emporium’ (which you can find out more about HERE).  It’s an intensely embellished style that embodies all that is Luxurious Glamour!  Here’s how the look comes together:

Miss P says “It is a fusion of history’s Greatest Empires – Byzantine, Roman, Egyptian – as Designers (such as Karl Lagerfeld below) are inspired by ancient treasures as well as the captivating beauty of ancient Queens such as Cleopatra and Empress Theodora.  Patterns include Art Deco geo’s, intricate Byzantine inspired mosaics and beautiful Middle-Eastern inspired scrollwork.” Above: Kleenex have picked up on the mosaic element of this trend beautifully with their tissue cube and the bright jewel colours provide a rich palette for the dark Autumn/Winter season.  This is a wonderful style to carry through into a living room – sumptuous velvets, resplendent brocades, bejewelled accessories, frivolous fringing on coloured glass lighting and oversized tassels galore.  Mr Christian Lacoix’s ‘Next Art’ collection of furniture and lighting for Sicis embodies this trends qualities.  Inspired by Empress Theodora, his pieces are decadent and unapologetically lavish.  Buy huge bejewelled tassels to customise your own furniture and create this look for yourself.  And Rothschild & Bickers fringed glass pendents are lighting pieces I covet and plan to own some time soon!

We’ve been talking to Kleenex about diffused pastels and ways to create a sense of dazzling sunlight along with the incorporation of photographic florals.  And of course we’ve highlighted the importance of Coral, Peach and Apricot shades:Above: Kleenex’s daisy tissue cube is so fresh and delicate, giving the sense that sunlight is spilling into the room.  It would look beautiful on a dressing table or on a bedside table.  As you can see in the 2 bedrooms I’ve included above, apricots, corals and blush tones can be used with blue-greys, mints, pale gold and a good dash of white to create very fresh, feminine but bold bedroom schemes with a wonderful aura of wellbeing.  I love the enormous motif on the screens that have been used to create a feature wall.  The lesson being that with these very delicate colours you can afford to be daring regarding the scale of pattern and the number of colours you layer together in the space.

And finally something folksy from Kleenex to keep you cheery if you catch a cold during the winter months that lie ahead:

Above: Matryoshka (Russian dolls) have been trending for several seasons and there is no sign of our crush on these cute patterns waning just yet … especially as Russian folk looks emerged in the AW12/13 catwalk collections of designers such as  Temperley London.  This doll motif is on lots of textile products, particularly cushions, but the very nicest and most stylish example I’ve come across is from Canada-based Etsy seller Flora Living (bottom right corner above), which have been made from an exclusively printed cotton fabric depicting Aline’s own beautiful watercolour illustration (Aline is the hugely talented Brazilian illustrator behind Flora Living).  If you fancy having a go at making something for your home yourself using a Matryoshka pattern, but you don’t have Aline’s talent for painting, then check out the fab range of Russian Doll fabrics available from Felix Loves Fabric (their ‘Matryoshka Nadya’ fabric is pictured above in red).  I recently bought some fabric from their ‘Paris and London‘ range to reupholster a kitchen chair and the service was excellent!  And if you like the naïveté of traditional folk patterns, as I do, then why not introduce another charming motif – the Swedish Dala Horse.  Portland-based Etsy seller Lilleputt Studio currently has a beautiful handmade cushion for sale featuring a batik cotton appliqué Dala Horse.  Annika, the creative behind Lilleputt Studio, draws on her Swedish background to produce her stylised yet very stylish textile products.  Compliment all of these patterned elements with a laser cut felted wool lamp shade by David Ross Designs and you’ll have a look that could be worked into any room in your home.

Thanks for joining me for todays preview of Kleenex’s new patterned packaging which goes into stores at the end of this month.  I’ll be grabbing myself a Grandma Squares pocket pack of tissues as soon as I spot them on the shelves!

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The Colours of Kleenex for AW11

We’re proud to have been working with Andrex and Kleenex for 3 seasons now, providing the European teams with Trend Forecasting reports and presentations, as well as surface pattern designs.

Why their interest in Trend Forecasting for the home?…Well, go to any supermarket and the shelves will be heaving with boxes of tissues in horrid colours and hideous patterns that bear no relation to the current interior design trends.  The designs don’t have anything to do with what’s happening right now in wallpaper, furniture, fabric…nothing!  So the aim of our work with Kleenex in particular was to inform the fab team of the future home trends so they could develop box designs to compliment current décor … box designs you’d be proud to have on display on your bedside table, on your dressing table, in your bathroom, on your living room coffee table….and funky packs for in your handbag!

So today I’m pleased to be able to share the new tissue box & pocket pack designs with you that have gone into stores this season, whilst also taking a look at the key colours and catwalk looks that have brought these trends into the home:

Above:  Introduce this seasons chunky knitted look into your home via jumbo-stitched chair covers, cushions, macro stitch rugs and the fab new knit patterned tissue box from Kleenex (my personal favourite from this seasons range of patterns).  I’m also LOVING the amazing aran armchair cover above from BiscuitScout on Etsy.  If you love it too then you might also like to have a peek at Melanie Porter’s chairs and the projects of Ruth Cross.  Wondering about the crazy Yeti outfit?…it’s Chanel.  I’m not sure I could make that look work but…whatever.  Special thanks to Debbie Carlos for the inclusion of her beautiful Human Nature photograph.

And now for something completely different…

Above:  Introduce a pulse of bright colours into your home.  Be inspired by the colour-blocked catwalk collections of the likes of Jil Sander as well as Verner Panton’s 1970’s interior & product designs.  Meystyle’s ‘Zoo Raspberry’ wallpaper, Joel Escalona’s bright yellow vase and the ‘Rrround’ seat by Arttu Kuisma & Janne Melajoki, photographed by Antti Ahtiluoto all fit this trend brilliantly.  The finishing touch?…Kleenex’s funky geo patterned box of tissues.  I’m also LOVING these super-cheerful ceramics from Jansen+Co to brighten-up the dullest breakfast table:

Now let’s move onto the Kleenex pocket packs of tissues.  Boring packs of tissues that are meant to have been designed with ladies handbags in mind are a pet peeve of mine.  More often than not the packaging has nothing to do with current fashion, my handbags or my outfits whatsoever!  They’ve just been designed with so little thought.  And I hate lazy designing.  If you’re going to have to design the packaging anyway, then why not give it some thought and make it a nice design!?  Rant over.

Anyhoo…the lovely lasses on the Kleenex team have taken the information we gave them about home & fashion trend connections and come up with these 3 fab designs which I’d be proud to be seen pulling out of my handbag!

Above:  Lashings of black lace creations graced the catwalks for the AW11 collections (including the above dress from Giles).  This is set to be a strong look in ladies fashion over the festive season so the lace print pocket pack of tissues from Kleenex is the perfect accessory to pop in your handbag for your Christmas do, smart drinks party or shopping trip!  Also bring the lace look into your home with these completely gorgeous encapsulated lace furniture pieces from LISAURA Paris (NB. their new website is currently under construction but you can still visit their old site).  Also check out these black lace glass basin’s (below) by Adatto Casa Tondo to bring the lace trend into your en suite…niceness:

New Minimalism has been a decidely feminine affair in recent seasons with a pared-down look projecting perfect understated elegance in cosmetic tones:

Above:  Faux nudes are oh so chic and add pleasing simplicity to fabulously complex dress structures and detailing – such as the McQueen AW11 collection and even the Bouquet Chair by Tokujin Yoshioka for MOROSO for that matter!  Kleenex take on this ruffle trend beautifully with their simple scrolled design which also has a delightful Art Deco vibe (watch out for more of this in fashion & furnishings in 2012).  The wonderful Ruffle cushions are from Pier 1 Imports. 


I’m also liking this look for a quiet & chic Christmas decoration theme.  This Decorative Rose Heart Wreath (made from wood shavings!) from Lakeland ticks the box.  And my Mum fell in love (and purchased) these Glittery Pear Candles (also from Lakeland) on a recent shopping trip with me.

And finally,animal prints aren’t just for Summer…they can be transeasonal:

Above: Animal prints were a popular theme on the catwalks for AW11 – Dolce & Gabbana were my faves, introducing them as a strong look with accessories in black.  Designers tended to favour tiger stripes & leopard spots for their creations and there are accents of both in the new pocket packs of tissues from Kleenex.  Note – Just because this look can work head-to-toe doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a look that works well wall-to-wall!  So proceed with caution.  My advice, to avoid a total tac-fest just add small touches of animal print here and there with plenty of cream or black to make it tasteful.  I’m a bit of a snakeskin-print girl myself, but I’m rather liking the wide Mademoiselle Chair from Kartell above.  It was designed by Philippe Starck and has been given the wild animal print treatment by Dolce & Gabbana.  Not in your price range?…then what about the leopard print stool from Sears (currently on sale!). 

Before the end of the year we still have lots of postings to come including a look at this years key Christmas styles, a review of a fascinating London design show and a look ahead to the major monthly events set to influence the trends in 2012.  Be sure to check back!

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Autumn/Winter 2011/12: From Forecast to Fruition

Back in April Shelley presented a posting covering the key influences and design features of the Electro-Pop trend we had forecast for the Autumn/Winter of 2011/12 – the season that is now upon us.  In it she shared images of some of the key Designer products with traits which epitomised the bold and vibrant trend.  Bright pops & blocks of colour are now familiar and popular in the world of Fashion during the Winter seasons and finally the Interior Products sector have been brave enough to buy into this trend too.

It’s always great to share our trend forecasts with you ahead of time and to show you the work of exciting Designers whose work is going to be influential…but I think it’s also useful to show you how forecasts eventually come to fruition in the products we can buy from stores right now!  So today I thought we’d do some window shopping together at 3 great retailers to check out how the Electro-Pop type trend has been interpreted by the Buying teams at Debenhams, Neiman Marcus and Crate & Barrel.

We’ll begin our shopping trip in the UK with the high street department store & online retailer Debenhams.  But first take a look at our forecast for this trend and then we’ll see how Debenhams have bought it into store:

…..Image via istock

© Scarlet Opus

It’s all about the popped-out colours, upbeat playful mood and fresh punchy attitude!  Debenhams are rocking this trend in a major way in their Garden/Outdoor product category.  The New Arrivals section of their website includes über funky illuminated outdoor furniture in a range of bright colours that are super-cool:

 Yellow Pebble Light, Blue Illuminated Side Table (which transitions through 7 different colours!), Pink Illuminated Tub Chair & Orange Ball Light all by lifecraft.  Pink Stem Wine Glasses by Julien MacDonald.  Orange Hi-Ball GlassesCelebrate (spot) Wine Glass by Momo Panache.  Bobble Cushion from Matthew Williamson’s Butterfly range.   Pink Animal Sequinned Cushion by Julien MacDonald.  Lime Crepe ThrowLime Candle Holder from Matthew Williamson’s Butterfly range.  Green Stitched Coasters & Placemats.

Miss P is terribly chic in her decorating selections and product purchases but I think she’ll be secretly craving some illuminated furniture for when she moves to her dream home on The Palm!  Correct me if I’m wrong!?

Now let’s go to America to see how Neiman Marcus are working the trend…but this time for the Living Room.  We might call the trend Electro-Pop but they call it ‘Pops of Color’ and they’ve gone for a geometric & abstract mash-up with bold colour blocking:

Key City Furniture’s Clementine Chair.  9 Brilliant Symmetry Prints, Trina Turk ‘Palm Springs Block’ Pillows (the brightly coloured areas are heavily embroidered not printed!).  ‘Giverny Jinlu’ oil-on-canvas abstract painting from the John-Richard Collection.  Bracket Frames by Jonathan Adler.  ‘Parker’ Rugs.  Niven Morgan San Miguel Candles in Lime & Bouganvillea and London English Rose.

I’m L O V I N G  the Clementine Chair which personally I’d like to add to a 1950’s inspired Lounge with browns and camel tones.  Oh Yes I would!

Finally onto retailer Crate & Barrel who have stores throughout the US and also 3 stores in Canada ( & are coming to the UK this year ).  They have created a bold Bedroom story with new Marimekko bedding providing the key stone of the look:

Marimekko Räsymatto red and teal bedding.  Orange Pleat Hourglass Pendant Lamp.  Rhythm Wall Art.  Marimekko Pirput Pink Pillow.  Klyne Chair and a Half.  Isla Bowl (White & Orange).  Flamingo Berry Stool.  Elio Orange Vase.  Nash High Yellow Bowl.  Gava Vase (Green).

Wisely they have realised the importance of Orange this season and gone all out with a slightly burnt shade in a range of products.  I like the Flamingo Berry Stool for an added POP of Pink!

So if you want to rock the colour pop look over the Autumn/Winter season and beyond then remember:

  • Go for curvy & rounded furniture shapes in hot colours
  • Balance any patterns you use with bold blocks of solid colour
  • Stick to Crayola brights and calm with either white, grey or black
  • Get fruity and invest in something Orange this season
  • Go beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone and dare to be Bright!
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ANDREX Launching Patterned ‘Limited Collections’

I realise every other posting in the blogosphere will be discussing the OSCAR winners today…but I’ve got exciting news about a new product range I wanted to share with you in advance of it going into UK stores later this week!

Last year we began working with Andrex forecasting trends for their product developments and this eventually led to us creating 2 collections of designs for patterned toilet paper! 

Don’t panic!  There aren’t any twee florals or Fleur de Lys in sight!…Andrex’s new patterns are bang up-to-date and in line with current interior trends. 

Months of work have been involved, but I’m really pleased to be able to give you a sneak peek today before the packs become available in Morrisons on Wednesday 2nd March…and filter through into other supermarkets during the rest of the month.

First up…the ‘Bright & Bold’ collection:

Cheerful stylised butterflies, funky flamingo’s, popped-out polka dots, dazzling stars and retro geo’s!  If you have a bright, white, contemporary bathroom or toilet scheme this is the collection for you.  The rolls add a splash of on-trend bright colours (Sooo this season!!!) to a plain white bathroom and will co-ordinate perfectly with plain zesty towels & accessories. 

They are also a fab point of fun conversation for when your friends next come round for dinner…and at Scarlet Opus we think kids will love them too! 


Now there’ll be no need to hide your toilet roll stocks.  Display these patterns with pride! 

The inspiration mix behind the ‘Bright & Bold’ collection includes a dash of 80’s Miami + a good measure of retro geometrics and finally a big spoonful of Summer sunshine! 

The rolls come in multi-pattern packs (kinda like variety-pack cereals) offering a variety of quirky designs all created from the same co-ordinating colour palette…even the cardboard rolls inside are pink!

My favourite from this collection?…well it has to be Rebecca’s kitsch Flamingo!  Quirky, cool and sure to make me smile everyday!  I’ll be adding a roll to my downstairs loo for visitors to get a kick out of too! 

Now let’s take a look at the ‘Subtle & Stylish’ collection:

Stylised Chrysanthemums, scattered Cow Parsley, delicate Leaves, trailing Buddleia and oriental Blossom & Butterflies!  If you have a spa style bathroom or nuetral toilet scheme this is the collection for you.  The rolls add a sophisticated touch of soft linen shades to a plain white bathroom and will co-ordinate perfectly with natural pebble-toned towels & accessories. 

These designs are much quieter than the ‘Bright & Bold’ collection but they are still modern, clean and crisp.  The patterns in this pack have a contemporary silhouette styling which blend beautifully into chic bathroom schemes.

Display these rolls with pride on wooden bathroom shelving with your towel bales, stack on a vertical toilet roll storage holder in your ensuite or neatly pack into a rectangular basket in your downstairs loo.

The inspiration mix behind the ‘Subtle & Stylish’ collection includes a bunch of wild flowers + a good measure of big blooms and finally a scattering of delicate leaves! 

My favourite from this collection?…I really like how my delicate skeletal Leaf looks (above left).  And that reminds me…the quality of the printing on the paper is brilliant!  I’ll be putting the ‘Subtle & Stylish’ rolls in my main bathroom to bring a touch of pleasing pattern into the nuetral scheme.


To celebrate the launch of Limited Collections, Andrex have enlisted the help of 2 celebrity designers (to be announced Soon!) who will each be creating 2 designer bathroom schemes – 1 Bright & Bold and 1 Subtle & Stylish

We’ll bring you an update on the designers and their bathrooms shortly.  We’ll also be tweeting information about which magazines will be including discount coupons for the Andrex Limited Collection pattern packs. 


So if you aren’t following us on Twitter yet, be sure to click the link at the top of the right hand side bar so you don’t miss out!

The first packs will be available in Morrisons supermarkets on Wednesday this week…that’s the 2nd March.  And they will then become available in other supermarkets during the course of March.

Watch out for new Andrex TV adverts for these patterned toilet roll packs from mid-April onwards!  We’ll tweet an update when we know the exact day/time slot.

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