Trendbook Offer: Visually Stunning 2015 Design Trends – Interiors

2015 Design Trendbook for Everything Interiors  

For a special price of just £60 you can get all the inspiration you’ll need to support your creativity this year. Purchase our 2015 Design Trends report.

This 75 page document includes 4 different design trends applicable to anything ‘interiors’ and outlines our background research including fashion and architecture, as well as a guide to material, shape, pattern, texture, and surface effects. Each trend includes a colour palette with Pantone Fashion + Home and Formula Guide Coated/Uncoated references. A perfect source of inspiration for product designers, marketing teams, interior designers, retailers for merchandising and window dressing – absolutely perfect. See the wealth of visually stunning inspiration below:

Page Preview

Materials shapefashion colourpattern

BUY IT NOW – feel supported, inspired, renewed and have your own ideas confirmed

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Top 10 Colours for 2015

So here we are once again bringing you the top ten colours for this coming year. This is one of our most important posts where we look at both the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter colour forecasts, these 10 essential hues will be significant within the world of interiors, influencing the direction of both marketing and retail sectors. From earthy and rich to cold and crisp this beautiful mix of unexpected tones provides you with a valuable insight into 2015.

Don’t forget these colours are placed in no particular order, they are simply individual swatches that we forecast to be important throughout 2015. I hope you enjoy the post and have a very Merry Christmas!

1. Primal Red

Earth Red

2. Steel Silver

Steel Silver3. Indigo Blue

Indigo Blue

4. Rustic Amber


5. Soft Membrane


6. Iridescent Cellophane

Irredescent Cellophane7. Lilac Haze

Lilac Haze

8. Lucite® Green

Lucite Green 9. Marble Grey

Marble Grey

10. Coral Shrimp


For more information on our full trend report or future colour forecasts please contact

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How to Build an Inspirational Christmas Window Display

We are nearly on the count down again for the most magical day of the year. I can almost hear the joyous laughter of children, taste the sweetness of mulled wine and already I can see the bottom of the old bank account. For me, one of the most exciting things about Christmas is decorating the house, office, car and anywhere else I can find to string fairy lights and tinsel. But instead of dragging out the same old decorations why not spice it up this Christmas with some new ideas.

Here is a peek into this years hottest colours and themes based on our 2014/2015 trends for this festive season.

Our first Christmas inspiration look is based on our Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 Trend called ‘LIFE’ this colour palette has a frozen look with iridescent qualities, we see icicles, frosted glaze effects, washed out colour fades and of course added sparkle.


1. Natural Birch Branches available at Save on Craft 2. Baubles available from M&S 3. Iridescent Baubles by Lisa Angel 4. Gradient Paper Gift Wrap by Mr Printables 5. Image Source easy baked 6. Turquoise Sequin Table Cloth available at Koyal Wholesales 7. Throw by Anthropologie 8. Image Source Style Estate

The second trend is based on ‘HISTORY’ which incorporate traditional qualities with a contemporary twist, we see crackled effects, tarnished golds, baroque style florals, heavily patterned textiles and amour like textures and surfaces.


1. Available at Next 2. Traditional Bauble by M&S 3. Gold Bauble by H&M 4. Available at Next 5. Sparkling Glam by H&M 6. Silver String Lights by All Things Brighton Beautiful 7. Candle Stick by H&M 8. Image Source Italiandipity

Be enchanting… Be inspirational… Be magical in your Shop Window Display

Here are 6 simple ideas to dress your windows this Christmas, from the simple fixes to the more creative ways to make your customers stop in awe at your beautiful visuals, give them inspirational festive ideas and show off all your lovely products! From flooring to fashion, wallpapers to stationary each individual window display should be designed to attract your consumer.

For the simple fixes…

1. Make it snow…


There are many simple ways to create effective window decorations, whether its cotton wool, marshmallows, paper or pine cones you can string anything together to form a snow style effect.

2. Build a product tree…


There are lots of shops this year already building their tree, you could dress your Christmas tree with products or you could use boxes and crates to form the basic shape and fill it with lovely goodies. Or even create the whole tree out of product? I helped build the Charles Tyrwhitt product tree this year in the Trinity Shopping Centre in Leeds, we filled the boxes with blocks of colour and pattern and included smaller visual ‘stocking filler’ displays to attract the Christmas shoppers. Be sure to check it out!

3. Play with paper…

play with paper

There are lots of beautiful things that can be made out of paper, and not just your usual snowflakes. Why not use tissue paper to create some show stopping flowers like we did at our TISE East Miami workshop, they can be as big as you like, click here for a link to show you how to make them. Don’t underestimate the uses of paper, be inventive.

And for those of you feeling more advantageous…

4.  Go GIANT…


Giant baubles, snowflakes, icicles, bows, you name it… But if you are going to go big make sure you use less, don’t go over the top. Less is more.

5. Create a room set…


One of the best ways to show off your products would be to create a room set, such as set up a dining table, or build the fireplace complete with Christmas stockings. Not only does it allow you to display everything as it would look in the home but it also allows the consumer to picture what she could put it with, how it would work in her home, and also what it looks like with other products encouraging her to buy the entire table!

6. That’s a wrap


And finally show off your creative skills through the wrapping paper. You can use glitter, pompoms, natural leaves or twigs, holly, pine cones, doilies and more. You can be as creative as you like, show off all the paper, ribbons and bows you sell…

 All links to images and more creative ideas can be found on our Pinterest board.

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Spring/Summer 2014 Trend – Botanical Laboratory

Botanical Laboratory is one of our Spring/Summer 2014 trends, and one of my personal favourites! This trend is a futuristic take on carefree, hazy summer days – a fusion of science and nature redefines florals and pastels to create a fresh, cultivated and sensorial look.

In terms of print and pattern, dense and digital floral prints work in harmony with technical geometrics, biological patterns and interesting hazy and blurred effects whilst flower forms, bud and bulb shapes as well as  conical flasks and test tubes inspire product designers.

Botanical Laboratory’s colour palette is a haze of perfumed shades – diffused blush, peach, nude, clear blues and lilacs are combined with sharper acidic pastels such as  sulphuric yellow for a more artificial, scientific aesthetic. The colours gradually shift from iridescent gloss levels to chalky matte finishes.

Here you can see how to work this look into your wardrobe and your home, in my hand-picked collections for Her, Him and the Home:



1. Scarf by Ted Baker; 2. Sunglasses by Tnemnroda at Urban Outfitters; 3. Floral Garland Headband from Miss Selfridge; 4. Suit by Clover Canyon; 5. Spring Ring by Gahee Kang;  6. Tights by ASOS; 7. Daisy Cut-Out Bag from Accessorize; 8. Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Delight Fragrance from Sephora; 9. Shopper Bag by Ted Baker; 10. Dungarees from Zara; 11. Live Succulent Necklace by PassionflowerToWear on Etsy; 12. Blurred Floral Top from Topshop;  13. Lavender Sandal by Miista; 14. Eclectic Flower Necklace from Topshop; 15. Floral Nail Polish by Nails Inc (L-R) Queensgate Gardens, Richmond Gardens and Floral Street Mews



1. David Bertozzi by Danny Garçon for Vanity Teen; 2. Watch by Tsovet from ASOS; 3. Ladybug Print Shirt by Marc Jacobs; 4. Sunset Degrade Shirt by Vivienne Westwood; 5. Striped Classic Shoe by TOMS; 6. Tie-Dye Bars Tee from Urban Outfitters; 7. Live Rain Backpack by Lacoste at Urban Outfitters; 8. Floral Linen Shirt by YMC from ASOS; 9. Floral High-Top Trainers by Givenchy at Selfridges; 10. Green Stan Smith Trainers by Adidas from Size?; 10. Flower Cufflinks by Burberry; 11. Purple Floral Print Shirt by Paul Smith

Home: home

1. Meadow Chalk Wallpaper by Louise Body; 2. Bloom Lamp by Constantin Bolimond; 3. Aurore Wallpaper by Serena Confalonieri; 4. Test Tube Chandelier by Pani Jurek on Etsy; 5.Decorative Floral Ceramic Cups by LysaCreationDesign on Etsy; 6. Shift Cabinet by Pastoe; 7. Writing Table by Roel Huisman; 8. Big Bloom by Charlie Guda for The Cottage Industry; 9. Mawston Meadow Cotton Art Fabric by Liberty; 10. Floral Photography Print by Dullbluelight on Etsy; 11. Morning Dew Chair by Bruhl; 12. Coloured Pencil Tables by Nendo; 13. Isabel Garden Lampshade by Ella Doran

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Valentines Day – Dangerous Apparitions

Today I bring you Dangerous Apparitions – a Spring/Summer 2014 trend with a glamorous dreamworld aesthetic. Inspiration comes from dark romanticism and fairytale stories (I told you in my last posting that Maleficent – the story of Sleeping Beauty’s evil queen – is to be released in May), as well as a continued nostalgia for the past.

Looking at colour within this trend, we see soft ivory, mirrored pearlescents and pale, dusky lavenders and drips of liquid gold; dancing around emerald green and amethyst in this sophisticated, poetic palette. Untitled-1

Here I’ve handpicked a selection of interior products as well as some sumptuously romantic gifts (or treats for yourself!) as we approach Valentines Day. Think of feathers, ornate embellishments, and inspiration from the orient; ribbons and ruffles, delicate feathers and petrified branches.

For the Home: js1600_home

1. Baroque Charger by Jasper Conran; 2. Emerald Martini Glass by Clarendon; 3. Butterfly Boudoir Cushion by Ted Baker; 4. Wire Bird Cages by Rockett St George; 5. Tabletop Chandelier by David Wiseman; 6. Jewellery Tree by Paperchase; 7. Aubergine Rug by Designers Guild; 8. Enchanted Sofa by Koket; 9. Scroll Headboard from Urban Outfitters; 10. Cushion by Hosoo Kyoto; 11. Branches Wall Sticker by Rockett St George; 12. Birdcage Walk Wallpaper by Nina Campbell; 13. Heart Lovebird Plate by Rory Dobner; 14. Framed Wallpaper by Adam Slade; 15. Spellbound Cabinet by Koket

For Her:js1600_her_da_blog

1. Hand Mirror Pendant by Stella Pandora; 2. Deep Plum Lipstick by MAC; 3. Lace Flower Top by Christopher Kane; 4. Rose Earrings by Olgafacesrok; 5. Cupid’s Rubies Soap Jewels by Lovely Body; 6. Floating Rose Candle by Glowlite Candles; 7. Feather Embroidered Back Dress by Arjan B; 8. Rose Embellished Cage Sandals by Dolce and Gabbana; 9. Leaf Print Colour Block Tee by Topshop; 10. Horse Cross Body Bag by Deena & Ozzy; 11. Feather False Lashes from Eyelashes Direct; 12. Damsel in Distress Shoes by Charlotte Olympia; 13. Pattern by Kit Miles; 14. Drink Me Sparkling Wine by Grays and Feather; 15. Woodland Splodge Scarf by Topshop; 16. Black Dress With Transparent Bodice by Jovana Markovic

I hope you’ve been inspired for Valentines Day and are excited for the Spring/Summer 2014 season!

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