Top 10 Colours for 2014

I’m excited to bring you one of our most important posts of the year – our top ten colours for 2014! These colours will be significant throughout the world of interiors, retail and marketing, and we’ve taken these colours from our forecasts for both Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. This year we will see a wonderful contrast between luxurious historical nostalgia, and extreme newness in the form of botanical and digital brights. It’s worth noting that these colours shouldn’t all be used together, and are displayed in no particular order; each swatch you see is simply a gorgeous colour that will be important in the coming year! As I leave you to have a look at this beautiful array of colours, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! – Catherine.

1Diffused Blush swatchDiffused Blush:

Moving on from ‘Apricot Blush’, one of the key colours of 2013, is Diffused Blush. The colour is beautifully hazy & sensory, working well within a palette of botanical perfumed colours such as dusky petal pink and softened wild heather, while accents of acidic pastels make sure the look is brave, and bang on trend. Looking forward, the use of diffused blush continues to make its’ presence felt through into 2015.

2Stucco swatchStucco:

An important neutral is Stucco – seen from the start of 2014 in our trend of historical eccentricity The Curator and into our History trend (A/W 2014/15). Stucco works beautifully as part of a soft yet austere palette of cool marble grey and earthy brown, but also is a great contrast paired with rich and glamorous products in jewel tones; absinthe green and petrol blue.

3Cocoa swatchCocoa:

A rich, earthy brown, this tone works with Stucco perfectly. It is particularly present in our trend The Curator, and will be seen in eccentric, country gentleman styling throughout the year.  Rich dark woods are seen, even in Spring/Summer, while Liquid Geology, another Spring/Summer trend, sees mystical dark browns from the Earth’s formation working with liquid gold and our next colour, glimmering bronze.

4Bronze swatchBronze:

This colour is extremely versatile, adding a touch of glamour and luxury without the obvious flamboyance of gold. It’s seen in its’ natural form against earthy browns, as well as being used extravagantly  throughout our historical trends;  bronze detailing against our next colour, Petrol, as well as deep purples and even black is sumptuous and sophisticated.


5Petrol swatchPetrol Blue:

Petrol Blue continues to make its’ presence felt throughout 2014; the complex colour is as intriguing as ever. Working beautifully with bronze, Petrol Blue does not just mean teal. It is shimmering and mysterious; displaying tones of green as well as blue. This colour is mature, sophisticated and unisex.


6Amethyst swatchAmethyst:

This purple is seen in a number of our trends for 2014; the glamorous jewel tone works perfectly with dark fairy-tale inspired trend Dangerous Apparitions for Spring/Summer, while being softened to work with petal and blush tones throughout the season, too. Amethyst purple is high-end and the colour also comes through in a range of digital and galactic inspired patterns.


newChangeant Violet:

As seen in our Autumn/Winter 2014/15 trend Life, Changeant Violet is a fascinating and complex new  tinted metallic with a scientific shimmer and intense depth. It works beautifully with ice white, nude tones, and iridescent surfaces,  as well as contrasted against crystallised greens and turquoise (although turquoise didnt make it onto this list, it’s a key colour for 2014).


7Hot pink swatchHot Pink:

Hot Pink is an important bold accent colour throughout 2014. It is richer and more sophisticated than simply being a standard bright pink, yet still high in energy. The colour looks great against glossy white and black as well as adding depth to a palette of cool brights including watermelon. Although traditionally a feminine colour, it’s time for guys to embrace the pink!

8Desert bloom swatchRed:

Next year red is orange-tinted, fresh, bold and high-fashion. As seen in our A/W 2013/14 trend ‘Expedition’, this red works well against icy white and rock grey backgrounds, although such a vibrant colour is just asking to be clashed against turquoise and Hot Pink. As we move through 2014, towards 2015, we begin to see earthier reds come to the fore.


9Chlorophyll swatchChlorophyll Green:

We all know that Emerald was Pantone’s colour of the year, 2013, and now moving into 2014, green is fresh, optimistic and celebratory. Working with this optimistic vibe, the Chlorophyll Green clashes against Hot Pink and works well with vibrant yellow and bright turquoise – colour blocking is the perfect way to work this colour into the home.




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Key 2013 Colour: Gucci Purple


zakandvWe selected Gucci Purple as 1 of the top 10 key colours for 2013. It includes varied tonal nuances and is very deceiving as it has sensuous hints of sparkle, richness and total lusciousness! The complex blending within the colour gives a variation in its shade from a deep intoxicating purple to a shimmering mulberry wine.

This colour can be bold and sophisticated with a masculine edge, but can equally appear extremely feminine as the rich, velvety appearance is very dramatic. Gucci Purple has obviously  emerged as a key colour in Fashion collections but it can also be enjoyed in your home via sophisticated statement pieces:js1600_Gucci_Purple_Montage_1.  Here is how to work the look:

 Gucci Autumn/Winter 2012/13; IMAGE 2: Bold Big-Game from Moustache; IMAGE 3: The Batucada Collection from Jahara Studio; IMAGE 4: Florian Shim Plate Purple from Lob Design; IMAGE 5: Circus floor lamp from FAÏENCERIE DE CHAROLLES (FdC); IMAGE 6: Peacock Chair Cappellini from Dror; IMAGE 7: Moc Crock Purple Faux from Hip Furniture; IMAGE 8: Storyteller by Isabel Quiroga; IMAGE 9: Old Hickory Tannery “Dahlia Purple” Chair from Horchow.


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Top 10 Colour Trends for 2013

2013 bannerHappy New Year to you!  Thankfully it transpired that the 2012ers were mistaken and the Apocalypse was not nigh after all.  Hoorah and welcome to 2013 … a year when the world of design stretches out towards extreme newness whilst also ensuring the romance of the past is never out of reach.

This year colours both invigorate and calm us: fluoro’s meet diffused pastels; iced coloured-metallics gives the year it’s most alluring surface effect; intriguing tinted nudes offer us a New Normal; faded vintage tones draw strength from mysterious opium den ultra-darks; audacious brights announce retro-revivals; tribal tones shout from the depths of lush rainforests.  Mature, optimistic, intense, dynamic and sophisticated … colours are set to be more nuanced and complex during 2013: chip bannerSo let’s begin our year of blogging with a rundown of some of the key colours for 2013.  We’ve taken the colour chips below from a selection of our Spring/Summer 2013 and Autumn/Winter 2013/14 trends for Interiors.  Whether you’re a Designer, Manufacturer, Retailer or Marketing Guru these colours will help to make your work relevant this year.  If you’re a Journalist or Blogger you’re welcome to share this info with your readers & followers by linking to this page or cutting & pasting the info…all we ask is that you please credit Scarlet Opus as the source and link back to us.  So in no particular order…


We spotted this colour being used by just a few Designers towards the end of last year as an all over mono, but we forecast it will be much more widely applied this year.  You’ll be amazed how many other colours it works brilliantly with including deep pinks as you can see on our Origins trend board!


It’s an on-trend material as well as a key shade for 2013.  Concrete shakes off its ugly reputation thanks to brilliant innovations and brave applications by Product Designers.  Stick to light-to-mid shades (with a matt finish) and simply think of it as you would any other neutral colour when pairing it with other colours.


Transitioning from hazy pink to lilac and into the realms of violet, this intangible colour can be used to give products an otherworldly incandescence.   It is most effective when applied to products made from transparent materials.  Purchase our ARTificial trend board as a visual guide for your own work and to understand the best colour combinations.


Tinged with a hint of blue this green is super-refreshing.  It works well when applied as a solid to products with a retro 50s/60s styling, acting as a bridge between playful pastels & brights (see our Motel trend board), or as an accent in futuristic and dark ‘galaxy’ inspired surface pattern designs. 


Apricot, Peach, Coral … call it what you will, but this pinky orange makes its presence felt in several trends during 2013 (including our Orient trend).  It works equally well with delicate pastel or bright fluoro pinks, lilacs, pale jade greens, plum shades, dark peacock colours or greys.


Decadent dark purples and heady wine tones introduce unabashed glamour and opulence to room schemes during 2013.  One of the most interesting shades was used by GUCCI for their Autumn/Winter catwalk carpet colour.  For furniture & flooring especially, this sumptuous shade is a must!


Dangerous ‘dusk to dawn’ ultra-darks provide 2013 with its most intriguing and complex hues.  Though they appear to be almost black, these twilight shades are in fact tinted with blue, green or purple.  The most important shade from this family is Petrol Blue –  possessing both blue & green nuances, it looks great with our next colour!


When it comes to metals or metallic effects, 2013 is the year to favour copper.  From actual copper pendent lights to furniture upholstered in copper-coloured velvet (like the gorgeous Houston chair by Munna we spotted at TENT during London Design Festival), make this your metal of choice.  


Deep and mysterious yet super-stylish and soothing – from purple tinted indigo to luxuriously velveteen sapphire – 2013 is a big year for rich blues.  They should give a sense of tranquility, certainty and steadfastness – always projecting subdued glamour and integrity.  So Chic.   


The perfect shade of Green for 2013 it encapsulates the historical ‘Eclectic Collector’ trend for Interiors and the bohemian ‘Dandy Gentleman’ trend in Fashion.  Plus the drink is enjoying a renaissance.  After decades of prohibition it’s time to be seen sipping Absinthe this year!

mixology101_absintheThe Scarlet Opus team will be blogging throughout 2013, casting our expert eyes over the world of Design, providing coverage of shows from around the world, and most crucially, giving you a heads-up on what’s coming next so you can stay ahead of your competitors!

Thanks to Sarah Newman from DesignBark and Dominic Crinson whose images appear in the montage banner near the top of this post.

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