How to Build an Inspirational Christmas Window Display

We are nearly on the count down again for the most magical day of the year. I can almost hear the joyous laughter of children, taste the sweetness of mulled wine and already I can see the bottom of the old bank account. For me, one of the most exciting things about Christmas is decorating the house, office, car and anywhere else I can find to string fairy lights and tinsel. But instead of dragging out the same old decorations why not spice it up this Christmas with some new ideas.

Here is a peek into this years hottest colours and themes based on our 2014/2015 trends for this festive season.

Our first Christmas inspiration look is based on our Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 Trend called ‘LIFE’ this colour palette has a frozen look with iridescent qualities, we see icicles, frosted glaze effects, washed out colour fades and of course added sparkle.


1. Natural Birch Branches available at Save on Craft 2. Baubles available from M&S 3. Iridescent Baubles by Lisa Angel 4. Gradient Paper Gift Wrap by Mr Printables 5. Image Source easy baked 6. Turquoise Sequin Table Cloth available at Koyal Wholesales 7. Throw by Anthropologie 8. Image Source Style Estate

The second trend is based on ‘HISTORY’ which incorporate traditional qualities with a contemporary twist, we see crackled effects, tarnished golds, baroque style florals, heavily patterned textiles and amour like textures and surfaces.


1. Available at Next 2. Traditional Bauble by M&S 3. Gold Bauble by H&M 4. Available at Next 5. Sparkling Glam by H&M 6. Silver String Lights by All Things Brighton Beautiful 7. Candle Stick by H&M 8. Image Source Italiandipity

Be enchanting… Be inspirational… Be magical in your Shop Window Display

Here are 6 simple ideas to dress your windows this Christmas, from the simple fixes to the more creative ways to make your customers stop in awe at your beautiful visuals, give them inspirational festive ideas and show off all your lovely products! From flooring to fashion, wallpapers to stationary each individual window display should be designed to attract your consumer.

For the simple fixes…

1. Make it snow…


There are many simple ways to create effective window decorations, whether its cotton wool, marshmallows, paper or pine cones you can string anything together to form a snow style effect.

2. Build a product tree…


There are lots of shops this year already building their tree, you could dress your Christmas tree with products or you could use boxes and crates to form the basic shape and fill it with lovely goodies. Or even create the whole tree out of product? I helped build the Charles Tyrwhitt product tree this year in the Trinity Shopping Centre in Leeds, we filled the boxes with blocks of colour and pattern and included smaller visual ‘stocking filler’ displays to attract the Christmas shoppers. Be sure to check it out!

3. Play with paper…

play with paper

There are lots of beautiful things that can be made out of paper, and not just your usual snowflakes. Why not use tissue paper to create some show stopping flowers like we did at our TISE East Miami workshop, they can be as big as you like, click here for a link to show you how to make them. Don’t underestimate the uses of paper, be inventive.

And for those of you feeling more advantageous…

4.  Go GIANT…


Giant baubles, snowflakes, icicles, bows, you name it… But if you are going to go big make sure you use less, don’t go over the top. Less is more.

5. Create a room set…


One of the best ways to show off your products would be to create a room set, such as set up a dining table, or build the fireplace complete with Christmas stockings. Not only does it allow you to display everything as it would look in the home but it also allows the consumer to picture what she could put it with, how it would work in her home, and also what it looks like with other products encouraging her to buy the entire table!

6. That’s a wrap


And finally show off your creative skills through the wrapping paper. You can use glitter, pompoms, natural leaves or twigs, holly, pine cones, doilies and more. You can be as creative as you like, show off all the paper, ribbons and bows you sell…

 All links to images and more creative ideas can be found on our Pinterest board.

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LIVE from TISE East 2014 in Miami…

This week the Scarlet Opus team have been in Miami for The International Surface Event (TISE East) We’ve been busy creating show stopping window displays, presenting trends and running informative and inspirational workshops. It’s been an amazing few days so far at a fantastic show, here are some of the best bits we’ve seen today and of course some images of what we got up to at our Visual Merchandising Workshop!

image (7)

Take a look at some of our “best bits” that we’ve found at the show…

Gemstone Tile Works

Gemstone Tile created a beautiful display of their product in a bathroom roomset. They had a giant bath tub complete with basin and mirror and check out this amazing shower they had displayed on their stand! We love the intensity of the colours in their product, they would look great in any bathroom!

image (3)

image (4)

Barbie Kennedy Designs

The combination of materials in these beautiful artful surfaces create unexpected shapes and patterns. The collection of hand designed creations make extraordinary surfaces that are both beautiful and inspiring which will look great in any interior. Her mood board is a great reflection on her work, the use of inspirational textural imagery and combined materials can be seen within the products. Check out more of her work here.

image (8) image (6)

By Rock Corp.

We loved the patterns created in this marble. They have bold, striking yet intriguingly fascinating patterns that work well as flooring or as wall panels. It would make a fantastic feature piece! See more on their website here.

image (9)


Marble of the World

This beautiful mix of natural stones and gold textures creates a luxurious look yet keeps its raw earthen qualities. Its unique, extravagant and of the finest quality exotic stone. The Brown Agate is from the Caesarstone Collection available in more colours on their website.image (1)


Bedrosians created wonderful little product montages that not only invite people to be more tactile with the product but they also look amazing as wall art pieces. This is a great way of showing how different products work together in terms of colour and textures, their catalogue of product mood boards include, Cinnamon Sugar, Butter Cream, Cotton Candy, Ansel Adams and Morning Fog.

image (2)

Scarlet Opus Visual Merchandising Workshop

image (14)

We put together a hands-on workshop to help inspire customers with fashion-led visual merchandising. We presented three interior design trends for spring/summer 2015 relevant to both hard and soft flooring and wall surfaces, the objective of the workshop was to help the participants develop an understanding of how you can incorporate these trends into store design and displays.

Phil, Victoria and myself had one window each, along with one Spring/Summer 2015 Trend and of course our group of participants to work with in order to create fantastic window displays for flooring products, bringing fashion into flooring for visual merchandising! Take a look at the images, would you stop by if you saw a story-telling display like this? I think so!

Re.Tell window in the making…

FullSizeRender IMG_2637 IMG_2644 The final window displays…

image (13)

image (12)

image (11)

The session was fun, interactive and we created some amazing window displays for flooring! A big thank you goes out to Bedrosians who sponsored the product for the event and to all the participants who took part!

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How to be Creative with your CV in a Millennial Generation

Being part of the millennial generation myself, I know how hard and frustrating it is to find a suitable job you want to apply for, not to mention then writing the perfect CV to accompany it! Continue reading

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From Clicks to Bricks; why e-Tail is moving into Retail

Hi, I’m Laura the Trend Forecaster here at Scarlet Opus and I’m going to give you a little explanation about our hot topic ‘Clicks to Bricks’.

First of all, what does it mean? Well, ‘click to bricks’ is a term given to renowned online retailers moving into physical spaces on our high street. Traditionally it has been known for retail brands to succeed in store first before establishing an online presence however the growing trend of ‘clicks to bricks’ demonstrates that well-known online retailers are now becoming more experimental and toying with the two concepts of online and offline.

Creating a virtual presence before moving into a physical space is becoming a more recognisable transition; moving away from the web is not a step backwards but is about adapting to consumer needs. The brands that do create multiple channels of distribution are offering a variety of shopping experiences to suit individual consumer lifestyles.

A couple of examples of this movement include US online accessories brand Bauble Bar, online eyewear brand Warby Parker and online menswear retailers Bonobos.

These brands are less concerned with the traffic that ground level high street shops provide and more interested in the consumer experience, which can inform later decisions made regarding the future of the store.

No doubt you’ll all be familiar with the ongoing rise of the pop-up shop in recent years; which could be seen as another form of the ‘clicks to bricks’ model. This allows online retailers to ‘test the water’ before moving permanently into a physical space. This has been happening more and more as we see e-tailers take over high street stores on a short term basis or even set up their own physical space to attract consumers to take a look. With the majority of the products showcased online, small retail outlets can merely be a way of showcasing these products in real life, giving customers a chance to look and touch before they buy (showrooming).This is also a great way to boost the brand recognition.

Image courtesy of – Image courtesy of

Ebay pop up shop in Covent Garden London – Image courtesy of Ebay store in New York – Image courtesy of

We are also seeing retail brands moving into a more digital way of thinking and creating methods that mimic the online shopping experience. By blurring the lines between the digital online platform and the physical in store experience; retailers are creating a multichannel presence to expand the brand and enhance the consumer shopping experience. For example more brands are using digital services in store such as touchscreens, interactive displays and tools to enable customers to creatively customise their products, this offers a unique, quality experience to the customer, as well as making it convenient and hassle free for anybody to purchase the products.

The window below includes a huge touchscreen that’s ready to take your order and deliver your goods in less than an hour:

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Amazon locker installations are being set up in many densely populated locations around the world. For the urban dwellers it is a great way to collect items at a precise location rather than worry about deliveries being left unattended on the doorstep.

js1600_Amazon-LockerSo why is this happening you ask… well, online shopping is becoming easier than ever before with laptops, tablets and smart phones all at our fingertips, with one click to buy and one touch of a button is all you need to purchase items online however; consumers are in search of that unique shopping experience with that personalised touch.

Not only is it important to physically feel the connection with a product but also to have the personal customer service in store. Consumers want to touch, feel and engage before they buy, to be able to have the tactile aspect with the convenience of online options such as home delivery or collection while interaction with digital devices enrich the shopping experience.

The convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own home is obviously beneficial in many ways, particularly for those who work 9-to-5 or those without transport to reach shops and not forgetting those (like myself) who sometimes like to indulge in a late night ASOS shopping spree, yet to be able to physically see and feel what you’re buying adds a completely different dynamic to the whole experience.

js1600_scarlet opus edit‘Clicks to Bricks’ describes the online retailers that are setting up space in physical stores, these retailers are adapting to consumer needs by creating unique shopping experiences.

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