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We provide consumer insights about design trends (materials, textures, shapes, colour), the customer experience in retail and hospitality and for the home and interiors market.

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If Trend Forecasting is not something you’re familiar with, here’s a short guide broken down into bite-sized chunks.

What do we do?

We work with retailers, manufacturers, developers, hospitality business, designers and the media in the interiors sector. We provide in-depth information about the future wants, needs & desires of consumers.

How do we do it?

Obviously we have our own top-secret formula. But in essence we research events, changes and developments in Politics, culture, society, the environment, science/medicine/biology and technology. From there we assess how they will impact behaviour, and predict what that behavioural change will mean to consumer buying trends. Our specialism is the home and interiors market.

Why do we do it?

Knowledge is power. It minimises risk, and allows our customers to make informed decisions. Knowing what your customers want, need & desire, up to two years in advance, will enable you to develop relevant, inspirational & aspirational products.

  • Ensure that everyone in your team, sees everything your company does, through the eyes of a customer.
  • Minimise risk.
  • Develop the right products, at the right time..
  • Helps to cut costs.
  • Achieve higher sales and better profit margins.
  • Increase your brand awareness & customer loyalty.

Does it work?

That’s the remarkable thing. It’s uncannily accurate and works every time. Just visit our Praise page to see what our clients have said about their experiences.

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