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We regularly have great giveaways. Check back often so you don’t miss out.



Park Square collection from Tweed Lounge | WINNER:

When Sally Green decided to combine her passion for fashion with her flair for Interior Design, Tweed Lounge was the result.  Keen to support UK wool production and Yorkshire’s wool making heritage, Sally has created a unique collection of soft furnishings using locally sourced, high quality, luxurious fabrics.  Inspired by Yorkshire, the collection is made up of cushions, throws, draught excluders, and door stops, presented in 3 different styles: Wharfedale, Ripley, and Park Square.  Check out our interview with Sally here.

Jessica chair from The Loving Chair Company | WINNER: Elisicia Moore

TLC is a family business driven by the talent and vision of 3 generation’s of women; between them Celeste, Alex, and Brontey design and produce fabrics using the latest digital printing technology, and transform antique and vintage furniture into modern, statement pieces through a revival of traditional craft, skill, and a touch of old-fashioned personal service!  Read more about the ladies, including a round of quickfire questions, and images from the TLC collection, here.

This is your chance to win one of TLC’s Olympic-inspired chairs, Jessica, named in honour of Britain’s Olympic gold medalist, Jessica Ennis.

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