Would you like to showcase your work on our Blog?

We LOVE showcasing the work of Designers in our blog. New designers, established designers, mainstream, cutting edge, avant garde – come one and all! And we also love to showcase fantastic interior design work in bars, restaurants, boutiques, and hotels in our Hot Spot category. Everyone is welcome to try for publication here we have over 10,000 regular readers. Here’s some guidelines we need you to follow.

Advice for Showcase submissions:

  • We only consider submissions from Designers and Makers of Interior products or Surface Pattern Design.  It’s harsh we know but we don’t showcase Fashion or Accessory Designers.  Our specialism is Trend Forecasting for the Interiors market and this is the sector we want to support.
  • We like images to be sent in jpg format – no larger than 1MB.  A minimum of 5 photos need to be submitted. Feel free to send more, but not less.  Include a portrait if you have one.  Oh c’mon … you must have one!
  • Ideally we would like your Showcase to include approximately 500 words about you and your work.  So let us know about: your creative training and career; what inspires your work; what your creative process is; what techniques you use; the story behind a couple of your pieces etc.  We try to keep things casual so feel free to just tell it like it is!
  • Let us know what website and/or email address you would like us to include at the end of the feature so people can contact you to tell you how great you are and place an order!

Suggestions for our Hot Spot category:

  • Let us know all about any fantastic bars, restaurants, boutiques, or hotels you have recently visited and loved!  Or, if you have been involved in the interior design, or actually own a fabulous restaurant, bar, or hotel we’d also love to hear from you.
  • If you’ve got photos then send them through too.
  • If you have contact details for the owner or designer then even better!
  • Remember the focus is on interesting and inspirational interior design … so let us know what makes your suggested Spot so Hot in terms of it’s design.

We post once a week and so unfortunately can’t showcase everyone’s work or suggestions, but we’ll do our best!  If you pass through our selection process we will let you know, in advance, the date of your Showcase or Hot Spot feature so you will have enough time to let every man and his wife know about it!

Submissions can be emailed Directly to the Queen Bee herself! Victoria Redshaw

Advertising on our Blog & Blogroll Links:

If you are interested in advertising on our blog or would like to enquire about us adding your website link to our Blogroll please contact Phil for more details.

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