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Hello lovely readers!  A bit late this week as we’ve had major internet problems here in Dubai … a cut cable in the sea I’m told!!!  Enjoy today’s posting :-)

In a recent conversation with Victoria it came to our attention that there is one area of the home we rarely focus on, despite it probably being a key area in many of our reader’s home lives … the kid’s rooms.  So, today I wanted to share some design ideas on how you can create super stylish bedrooms for the children that add balance to the rest of your home as opposed to compromising your personal Interior Style.

It’s important for children to feel they have a space within the home that is all theirs, somewhere that is a true expression of their personality, a place that they can be proud to show off to their friends; so allow them to be a part of the design process and decision making.  A fun and easy way of doing this is to create mood boards (just as you would if you were embarking on a new scheme for the dining room) with ideas of patterns and colours as well as furniture styles – children often have strong ideas about what they like and dislike and mood boards can help create a clear vision.

Remember that everything doesn’t have to ‘match’.  Kids’ tastes probably aren’t going to be clearly minimalist, whimsical, or bold and daring so if you end up with a mood board with a bit of everything, don’t panic!  Colour and pattern clashes are a very cool trend moving through 2012 and into 2013 so if your child is loving the bold stripes and the delicate polka dots and the Ikats, embrace their eclectic tastes and focus the colour palette on just 2 or 3 colours that will allow each of the elements to work together.

A monochrome palette also looks super cool (and has always been a personal favourite), and with research showing that soft grey tones are both soothing and calming this is the perfect palette for younger bedrooms.  Bright, bold colour accents can easily be added allowing this room scheme to work for younger children through to their teens; instead of Barbie pinks and Boy blues, go for more sophisticated shades and graphic patterns and this will also help to create a more stylish space.

Wall murals and stickers are the perfect solution for kids with fast-changing tastes!  They are very easy to apply and can simply be removed and replaced with a new design as often as you like, no need to re-paint or scrape wallpaper.  We love the selection at Rockett St George and Single Stone Studios:

Woodland Growth chart from Single Stone Studios

Fun At The Fair from Rockett St George

Children At Play from Rockett St George

Choosing the right bed is essential and there are so many fabulous options now that you no longer have to choose from an uninspired collection of pine frames and pink plastic.  Check out these super cool and interactive designs from H2o Architects, Gudiksen Design, and Celery:

Wave for Mimondo

Eva by H2o Architects

This design by H2o Architects is a fabulous all-in-one solution for children and perfect in rooms where space is tight.  Stairs lead to the bed at the top, there are multiple shelves and cupboards, and a play area in between!  I also really love Celery’s Lullaboo bamboo collection, beautiful pastel shades combined with intelligent designs.  The crib below has adjustable supports to grow with your child and you can even swap the end panels for a chalkboard.

Lullaboo collection from Celery

Other simpler solutions include:

Drape fabrics across the side of a closed bunk bed so that it is transformed into a secret den for play during the day.

Create a magical atmosphere by stringing fairy lights around bed posts or trail them across a wall – also a great alternative to night lights.

Storage often seems to pose a problem in children’s spaces, simply because you need so much of it!  If you have chosen a bed with space underneath this is a great place for keeping bedding and clothes or shoes as they lay flat and it won’t be a hassle every time you need to pull the drawer out.

For toys and games there are hundreds of wonderful storage solutions now available that are not only functional but also look great and will help your children enjoy tidying their room.  I love big wall units with multi-coloured boxes in different materials that allow kids to interact and think for themselves about how they will categorise their toys.

Simple shelves running up the wall also look super neat and streamlined and are great for stacking favourite books and toys – again introducing the idea that your child chooses what will be out on display.  Nine To Nine Design have some amazing furniture solutions specifically for children’s rooms.

As your children start school, creating a study area for homework within the bedroom affords a sense of independence and allows your child to feel very grown-up.  This can be very easy to do with a corner of the room instantly transformed into a study zone by simply adding a plain white desk and chair and wallpapering the area of wall behind.  Adding a great floor lamp will complete the look whilst also ensuring adequate lighting.  For something more unique check out Elad Ozeri’s fun animal chairs!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend wherever you are in the world … check back on Monday when Victoria will be posting an interesting interview with the super talented Alfred Johnson where they review his work portfolio and premiere his latest design project!

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